Why Do We Love a Hot Bath

Who doesn't enjoy a warm, or hot, relaxing soak in the bath. 

Whether that be after a hard days work, a trip to the gym, post run, after engaging in a team sport, getting ready for a night out or just simply to get away from it all and have some alone time.

Lets face it sometimes the only escape from the daily grind or a busy household is the bathroom, our own little secluded place of serenity.

woman in white bathtub holding clear drinking glass

These are just some of the reasons we enjoy our baths.  We also try many ways to heighten that experience by indulging in luxury bath products and creating a relaxing atmosphere with foliage, soft lighting, candles, ornaments and maybe some relaxing, or energetic sounds, I guess that depends whether we are preparing for a night on the tiles, or looking to wind down after a long day.yellow and pink plastic toys

The benefits of baths have been well publicised over the years, studies referring to the health and wellbeing benefits, but what are the benefits?

The warm waters of a bath are reported to aid in relaxation and even improve sleep.  Also relaxing aching muscles and providing some pain relief.  As well as relaxing us a hot bath can also awaken us and provide a renewed sense of energy.  

These effects can be intensified with bath additions such as essential oils, bath bombs, bath salts, candles and music.   

clear glass candle holder with white candle

With our love of baths we have tried to bring together some fabulous products that are not just fun & enjoyable but also serve a purpose, with that purpose being the perfect bath, whatever that may be?

All of our Bath Bombs & Fizzers contain their own special properties like Essential Oils, Shea or Coconut Butter.

Heart Shaped Bath Bomb

When placing our bath bombs into a warm or hot bath the Shea or Coco butter dissolves into the water and is great for moisturising the skin.  Shea butter is not greasy or oily but leaves skin feeling fresh and silky smooth.  The added essential oils will either relax, calm or energise depending on which bath bomb is chosen, our product pages give more information on each individuals items properties.

They could also be beneficial to people with dry or sensitive skin as many bath products contain chemicals that dry out our skin, the added butters & oils in the bath bombs and handmade olive soaps moisturise and cleanse the skin, with some of our products like our Coconut or Green Tea Olive Oil Soap containing elements that exfoliate whilst using them.  This can be further enhanced by using an exfoliating soap bag 

Handmade Soap Loaf pink in colour shown on a white background

So why do you love a bath?  

Do you go all in with music, bath bombs, salts and candles?  Are you a minimalist that likes to relax in the warm water and use a quality soap to improve skin tone and moisturise?  Do you prefer to relax and listen to calming sounds whilst experiencing delightful scents?  Enjoy a glass of your favourite tipple and read a book?

Personally I like to unwind with some good music and a bath bomb taking 30 minutes or so to myself to relax.

I would love to hear your opinions if you would like to email sales@s6soap.co.uk I will enjoy reading and hopefully with some valued feedback they might assist and inspire me with new products that could be added to our range.

Hope you enjoyed this post and if you have used any of our products or are about to we would love to hear from you, you can leave a review on product pages or visit us on facebook.


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