Orange handmade soap slice placed on a wooden soap dish next to a white rose and white candle
Orange Handmade SOap Slice whowing 3 cut slices soap load is orange in colour with white switls throughout
S6 Soap

Handmade Olive Oil Soap Orange

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Orange Handmade Soap has a fresh sweet orange fragrance and is made with vegetable oils that have many beneficial properties for the skin.  The natural fat provides protection, improves skin tone, softness and youth of skin through restructuring oil action and the essential oil has calming properties and may help to relive anxiety.


Supplied wrapped in wax paper.  slice weight approximately 100g

Ingredients.  Sodium PalmateAquaSodium CocoateSodium OlivateGlycerinD-LimoneneParfumCI 77891LinaloolCitralTocopheryl AcetateCI 19140CI 14720

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