A beautifully handtied light blue ribbon tied off in a bow around a brown corrugated kraft gift box with a clear lid showing contents inside of a light blue heart shaped bath bomb a white organza bag containing light blue mini bath bombs and a white pink and blue striped handmade soap slice
Birds eye view showing gift box without lid and contents displayed on a bed of white shredded paper, 1 light blue heart shaped bath bomb 1 white organza bag containing 6 light blue mini bath bombs and a handmade soap slice striped horizontally light blue white and light pink stripes
contents shown on a white background 1 handmadesoap slice pink white and blue stripes 1 light blue heart shaped bath bomb and a white organza bag containing light blue mini bath bombs
S6 Soap

Handmade Soap and Bath Bomb Gift Set Baby Powder

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Beautifully hand tied bath bomb and handmade soap gift set containing a Love Heart Bath Bomb, organza bag containing mini bath bombs and a slice of handmade soap. 

A perfect gift for Christmas, Birthdays, Valentines or Mothers Day and can be enjoyed by bath lovers of all ages.

Gift Set Contains

1 x Baby Powder Love Heart Bath Bomb 70g

1 x Baby Powder Handmade Soap Slice 100g

1 x Organza Bag of Mini Bath Bombs Baby Powder  

1 x Translucent Lid Gift Box

An ingredients label will be supplied within the gift box.

Baby Powder Soap Ingredients: AquaGlycerinSorbitolSodium StearateSodium LauratePropylene GlycolSodium OleateSodium MyristateSodium ChrlorideParfumCocos Nucifera (Coconut) OilGlyceryl LaurateCocamidopropyl BetaineSodium ThiosulfateSodium CitrateCitric AcidTrisodium SulfosuccinatePentasodium PentetateTetrasodium EtidronateCI 77891CI 18050CI 42090CI 45100Benzyl SalicylateBenzyl BenzoateCitronellolCoumarinGeraniolAlpha-isomethyl IononeLinalool

Baby Powder Love Heart  Bath Bomb Soap Ingredients: Sodium BicarbonateCitric AcidParfumCI 42090Benzyl BenzoateBenzyl SalicylateCoumarinCitronellolGeraniolAlpha-isomethyl IononeLinalool

Baby Powder Mini Bath Bombs (Chill Pills) Ingredients.  Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Aqua, parfum, Benzyle Salicylate, Benzyl Benzoate, Citronellol, Coumarin, CI 42090

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